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The following is a list of municipal departments in the Town of Colebrook.  For contact information, downloadable forms, and other information, click on the name of an office or department.  If you have any questions, use our comment form.

Index of Departments
Assessor Hired by the Board of Selectmen to review new construction and yearly updates or imporvements to your property. With the Board of Selectmen's assistance, they determine the value at which your property will be assessd for taxing purposes.
Town Clerk Addresses all aspects of vehicle registration, vital records, bike and dog licensing, planning board issues and much, much, more. A very versatile office.
Colebrook Regional Dispatch Center  
Fence Viewer Fence viewers are usually composed of three individuals who are appointed by the Selectmen and are petitioned by a citizen of the Town to settle a dispute between neighbors as to each ones's responsibility for building and maintaining the fence which divides their respective properties, which is under improvement (used for cattle, sheep, etc.) thus the division of responsibility. The fence viewers make a decision as to which of the neighbors builds and maintains different sections of the fence between them which works out to be fair to each with respect to material and labor. The Fence Viewers are not involved in property line disputes, this is left to the land surveyors and the courts, as they have no authority or jurisdiction in this area.
Fire Department Volunteer department, which responds when the fire alarm is sounded.
Library Besides housing thousands of books, reference "guides" and learning materials, they also hold programs to help create a wonderful interest in reading.
Town Manager Addresses all issues brought before the Selectmen and herself. She maintains and operates all Town departments with the assistance of the department heads, to insure the public's best interest.
Police Department Responds to all 911 calls, criminal, motor vehicle accidents and animal complaints. Their purpose is to protect and serve the Town of Colebrook.
Public Health Officer The Health officer is responsible for the safety of the Town's people. He insures that the community is a safe clean environment. He handles all public health and safety issues.
Department of Public Works Responsible for the maintenance of all Town roads. They also handle all water and sewer issues along with operating the transfer station.
Recreation Department Arranges and administers activities for the young and old alike.
Tax Collector Mails property tax bills twice a year, resident tax bills once a year and water and sewer bills quarterly. She also collects and reports these revenues to the treasurer.
Treasurer Responsible for all financial issues that are not held by the Trustees.
Last Updated: Friday, Oct 08, 2004

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