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Chief of Police
Joe Caron
Paul Rella
17 Bridge Street
Colebrook, NH 03576
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Colebrook Police Department

We are again beginning a new year, 2012 was a busy year for the police department. We saw a sharp increase in arrests, going from 69 arrests and 278 reportable incidents in 2011, to 122 arrests and 374 reportable incidents in 2012.

A horrible tragedy made our entire nation stagger in Newtown, Connecticut. Like all departments across the country, your police department has stepped up its presence in the schools. Officers will be visiting both of the schools several times a week. This will not be scheduled so as to not set a pattern. There will also be a continued presence at the Elementary and High School at the close of the school day. Parents are reminded that when you are picking your kids up at the school you need to remain out of the parking lot where the buses are loading children. This is for their safety. When you are picking your child up at the Academy building you should plan to arrive after the buses have left.

We will also be conducting training that is applicable to school situations again this summer. This will be coordinated with the New Hampshire State Police.  

The Colebrook Police Department continues to sponsor the National Take Back drug program put on by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Every time the program has run here the amount of medications turned in to be destroyed has increased.

We have teamed up with the Indian Stream Clinic in order to try and curb the prescription drug problem that faces our nation. We are going to assist the clinic with tactics that will curb the abuse of prescription medication.   Anyone with any information may call 1-800-NAB-DOPE (800-622-3673).

Internet scams are still present in our community. Lately, they have involved the use of Western Union and counterfeit postal money orders. There have also been counterfeit Wal-Mart money orders. I urge anyone who is solicited via the internet to be extremely careful.

I will again remind people to keep your homes secure. We have had a few incidents with homes being burglarized during the daytime hours. Jewelry and other precious items were taken during these incidents. Store medications in a secure place and out of sight.  

 Chief Cass

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