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Kevin F. McKinnon
Town of Colebrook
10 Bridge Street
Colebrook, NH 03576

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Public Works Report for 2003

First and foremost, I want to thank my crew for a job well done. These people sacrifice much of their evening and night hours to maintain our roads and infrastructure.

We placed fabric and gravel on 1800 feet of the East Colebrook Road, about one-half mile east of the end of the pavement at the old schoolhouse. We also put in 1200 feet of underdrain on Hughes Road with fabric and gravel to alleviate the mud problem. On South Hill Road at the Beaver Brook culvert, we put in 400 feet of fabric and gravel. These projects should help with some of the larger mud problems we encounter every spring.

A comprehensive leak detection survey of the entire water system enabled us to repair six major leaks, saving us a substantial amount of water pumping. We have also replaced two-thirds of our water meters and hope to finish replacements over the next two years.

Our sewer system is working as designed and has an added capacity of approximately 160,000 gallons per day. This allows for substantial additions to our collection system.

This year, 2004, we will be resurfacing gravel roads with a four to six inch coat of gravel and do some overlay pavement on the older sections of paved roads. We will also be completing the installation of road signs this year.

Kevin F. McKinnon

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