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Sheila Beauchemin
Town Clerk
Janey Pryor
Deputy Town Clerk
10 Bridge Street
Colebrook, NH 03576
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New Hampshire citizens have been served by clerks since the early towns were established. Before 1699, clerks were appointed by the judiciary; since the nineteenth century, towns began to choose town clerks by ballot. It should be noted that the duties of a town clerk are assigned by the legislature, not by the Selectmen.

Town clerks have the responsibility for recording marriages, births, and deaths and issuing certified abstracts of the events. We also record all votes passed by the town during town elections; as well as, completing all responsibilities involved in primary and state elections. Any person who has his domicile in Colebrook and whose name does not appear on the checklist, may apply to the town clerk, or to the supervisors of the checklist to have his name added.


The issuance of motor vehicle permits and the general responsibilities of the town clerk in the motor vehicle registration process constitute a major part of a town clerk's day. In addition to collecting the town permit fees for the Town of Colebrook residents, I also act as a state municipal agent, issuing plates and processing titles.


Each dog over four months old must be registered by its owner or keeper prior to April 30th each year. The town clerk is required to keep up-to-date records and issue tags. 


Anyone wishing to perform a dredge or fill procedure may obtain the application form from the town clerk. The application, plan, map, and certified receipts must be returned to the town clerk for signature before submission to DES.

Last Updated: Wednesday, Apr 14, 2004

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