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Colebrook 911

It was 1994 when Colebrook was first informed that we would be going to the 911 system. Now, ten years later it appears that this will happen within the next few months.

The project has been much longer then anyone thought it would be when it began. Step one was to locate streets and roads to give them names. Next the state 911 GSI mapping equipment vehicles came in to gather the necessary information. Once maps were made, others from state 911 located buildings and fire hydrants. Each building with electrical power or telephone service was assigned numbers.

Sally Wentzell was our designated person to work on this project. When all the above was taking place, she was there with them to make sure every road and building was taken into account. Once the maps and address numbers were assigned, she had to ride each road again and verify all the information. This was no easy task, but Jean Haynes volunteered to assist her, which was a great help. Everyone wishes to express our grateful appreciation to Jean for her help.

Shortly, the information will be received by the United States Postal Service and Verizon. Once this is accomplished all parties involved will set a date for the change over.

Before the change over can occur, each property owner will have to be notified by the Town Office of their official 911 number. This notice will contain information to assist everyone with the steps necessary for a smooth transition.

In addition, a public meeting by the State 911 people will be held. At that time they will answer any questions the public may have about how 911 numbers were assigned. We hope to have the date set for this public hearing to include in the notices; but the newspaper will carry a notice.

We want to thank everyone who has assisted us in any way during this project. Once you attend the hearing, you will under stand how important this system will be for everyone. Some roads and street signs are in place with the remaining ones to be installed ASAP. Already some signs have been removed by unknown persons. We sincerely hope people will think of the importance of theses signs and leave them in place. It could mean someone’s life and that person could be a loved one.

Last Updated: Saturday, Mar 20, 2004

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